We’ve featured FlairLifeStyle’s videos before (and we had Vito from the FlairLifeStyle’s channel at the first ever Central Flair Series event in February) but this episode is something close to my heart. I’ve talked before about the ‘Bartending’ and personality being absent from many (though not all) flair competitions in the past couple of years.

FlairLifeStyle on YouTube

This year the WFA (World Flair Association) have launched their new rules which are all about putting the bartending back into flair competitions.

The latest competitions from the WFA are, as mentioned in the video more along the lines of the classic Legends of Bartending and the TGI Friday’s World Bartender Challenge, so take a look and find out what’s going on!

Ravi is one of the bartenders at the world famous Roadhouse in London’s Covent Garden, the home of Roadhouse World Flair.

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