The Woo Woo is a modern classic of the cocktail world, easy drinking and fruity but not as sweet as you’d expect thanks to the dryness of cranberry juice. Perfect by the pitcher on warm summer days.


Collins glass filled with Cubed Ice

Woo Woo Ingredients


Build in the glass over ice.

Additional information

One of the simplest cocktails to make, very few people will actively dislike this drink. A great suggestion for larger groups on busy nights!

The Woo Woo is a staple of many cocktail menus, though it would still be ordered regardless of its presence as, like the Sex on the Beach (to which it is closely related) it has transcended menus and is just a drink people expect to be able to order now.

Its simplicity is one of its main advantages, it doesn’t need any special equipment to make, not even a cocktail shaker. You simply fill the glass with ice, pour the ingredients and stick a straw in. That’s why it’s such a perfect drink when a crowd walks in to the bar, you can make them fast and get drinks in people’s hands quickly while they decide what to drink next, and you don’t feel like you’re waiting when you already have a drink!

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