To be clear and up front, this is my personal opinion, not a paid advert of any kind for Skyy. Just so you know.

So, Skyy Vodka is under rated, thats for sure in my opinion. The point of vodka is to be a neutral spirit with as little noticeable flavour as possible, and from this point of view, for me Skyy is unbeatable. They do offer flavoured varieties (I particularly enjoyed the berry variety in Dubai) which are great for flavoured vodkas (though thats kind of an oxymoron) but regular Skyy is the right one for me, and the taste is exceptionally smooth.

The vodka is distilled four times and triple filtered, the process which gives it the clean smooth taste. The benefit of this (beyond the taste) is that due to the lack of impurities, as long as you stay hydrated, in my experience, Skyy does not leave you with a hangover!

But the quality of the product is not the only reason Skyy is my favourite vodka. Skyy was one of the first brands to embrace flair bar tending and sponsor competitions including Quest for the Best, which was certainly the competition to win back in the early days!

The Skyy bottle itself is great to flair with, the cobalt blue bottle stands out well and is very visual behind the bar, the neck is a good length and the slim consistent diameter of the bottle means it nests inside mixing tins well. Skyy was also one of the earliest brands to have their own shaped Flairco practice bottle made (though the dark blue ones are a little difficult to see in the normally badly lit practice areas allocated before competitions) because of their support of various competitions.

The proof is in the pudding. I ordered a half bottle of Skyy in Troyka, a Russian bar in Dubai with one of my Russian bartenders and a Ukrainian friend. It was served in a decanter, so they didn’t know what Vodka I’d ordered, and they said it was the best Vodka they’d ever had. You should have seen their faces when I told them it was American Vodka. I rest my case.

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