We stopped off for a bite to eat and a quick drink at Weatherspoons Airside today. Airport bars have a way of being either super premium or very basic, though this seemed to be a pretty happy medium.

While Wetherspoons bars have a reputation for good beers and reasonable pricing, airports often up the prices thanks to their captive audience. It seems that the food here is a modified menu which is slightly more expensive than normal, and the drinks are at a fairly reasonable £6.50 for a large Pepsi and a pint of lager.


I was surprised to find that the drinks menu on the table mentioned an Old fashioned, one of my favourite drinks for £4.99 with Makers Mark. I was slightly less pleased to read that it would only contain 25ml of Makers, around ¾oz, which is really very little indeed, but I had to know what it would taste like.

The bartender took my order and said that he would bring it to the table for me. I was a little disappointed as I wanted to see just what was in it, but I suspected it was mainly as he didn’t know how to make one and was going to ask a collegue. wetherspoons Old Fashioned Cocktail 

Our food (admittedly apps, fries and nachos) arrived at the table just before the drink, just as I was on my way to find out where it was. It was served in what seemed to be an appropriate looking glass, and looked about the right colour, though it didn’t fill the glass as much as I’m used to (though with 25ml I’m not sure what they would have filled it with!).

It tastes surprisingly good! A little sweet perhaps, but it was an acceptable tasting Old Fashioned. It was garnished with an orange wedge as opposed to a twist, but I can forgive minor things like this, this was a passable Old Fashioned in an airport Wetherspoons. 

So, credit where credit is due, you surprised me Wetherspoons. Don’t be so cautious with the ice in future, this drink needs a little more, and easy on the sugar. I’m assuming they would use a 50ml measure in their high street pubs rather than the 25 here which may be to help reduce disorder if flights are delayed… But well done!

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