wermod great british vermouth

  • Range: Wermod
  • Producer: GreatBritishVermouthLTD
  • UK Distributor: Royal Mile Whiskies
  • Retail Price: £26.99
  • Origin: Queensferry, Scotland
  • ABV: 18%
  • Distinct Botanicals: 24 British Herbs  lemon balm, elderflower, nettle, Cleavers aka “sticky Willie” bay, orris, coriander
  • Wine Base: English Dry White
  • Sugar Content: 0g Per Litre
  • Nose: Vinous, with floral notes
  • Palette: Light crisp with lemon peel, lavender and slight earthy notes
  • Finish: Sweet on the finish with lemon, elderflower and camomile
    Overall: A great version of a dry vermouth, quite citrusy which mades it a martini’s best friend! I’d quite like to see this is a highball as well

Together Michael Kaplan, who trained as a historian and Hamish Martin who has had a life-long involvement in the wine and spirits trade with a deep passion for herbs, which he grows naturally at the Secret Herb Garden near Edinburgh. With its vast range of environments; uplands, forest, pasture, seashore, and riverbank, Britain enjoys a wonderful variety of wild and naturalised herbs.

A great number of these have health-preserving properties, so it is little wonder that this country has a deep tradition of herbalism, going back thousands of years. When the Romans brought winemaking to Britannia, they provided the perfect medium for capturing all this herbal richness: the infusion that the Old English named wermód – and that we call Vermouth.

Great British Vermouth’s Wermod is produced by hand, in small batches, on a farm overlooking the Forth Bridge.



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