Vya Sweet Vermouth

  • Range: Vya Extra Dry, Vya Whisper Dry, Vya Sweet
  • Producer: Quady Winery
  • UK Distributor: Hallgarten Druitt
  • Retail Price: £21.02
  • Origin: California, USA
  • ABV: 16%
  • Distinct Botanicals: Cinnamon. White Gentian, Galangal (Wild Asian Ginger), Nutmeg, Clove,
  • Wine Base: Orange Muscsat, Valdepenas
  • Sugar Content: 
  • Nose: This smells more like a quality rose wine than a vermouth, very complex and exciting with hints of Cinnamon and orange in the background
  • Palette: Very clean rose, lots of orange and some spice. You get an slight syrupy ness at the start which soon dissipates.
  • Finish: The spice quietly starts to form a earth ginger and then dries with a strong cinnamon flavour.

Overall:I has to take 2 sips of this before I  understood it. The wine base is clearly very important to Vya Sweet vermouth, and  it’s made very well. It wasn’t what I expected at all. A very non-traditional vermouth, I’ve not had anything like it before. Inspired by the best Italian sweet vermouths, is all about sensations which stimulate the taste buds, producing a mouth-watering effect.

Vya sweet vermouth induces a warm tingling in the mouth with a subtle balance of bitter and sweet. According to classic references, sweet muscat is the preferred base wine for sweet vermouth. For Sweet Vya, a special base wine using Orange Muscat and Valdepenas (for its red fruit tones) was made. Imagine a tingling sensation, a feeling of warmth, a pleasant sweet bitterness, and the aroma of holiday spices.


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