Vodka is different to other spirits, in that the perfect vodka would be flavourless.
Primarily formed of water and ethanol, it is the traces of impurity which impart differing flavours to the spirit. Purity is a major selling point of premium vodkas with brands focusing a lot of their marketing on multiple distillations and filtrations in pursuit of this goal.


Vodka can be produced from any starchy or sugar rich source. The vast majority of vodka is produced from grains such as sorghum, corn, rye or wheat, but can be produced from other sources also, including potatoes, beets, grapes, rice and molasses.
A mash is made of the carbohydrate source, fermented to a mixture around 8-12% abv, and then distilled multiple times increasing the strength and removing impurities. Often the distillation process will result in a liquor of up to 95% alcohol, which is then diluted to a bottling strength around 40%.

Popular Brands:

  • Skyy Vodka (USA)
  • Stolichnya (Russia)
  • Russian Standard (Russia)
  • Finlandia (Finland)
  • Absolut (Sweden)
  • Grey Goose (France)
  • Belvedere (Poland)
  • William Chase (UK)

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