The wine-making origins of the Padró family date back to the year 1886 and to the village of Bràfim (Tarragona), which was, at the time a busy agricultural hub with around 400 inhabitants.
The Padró family are one of the big local vermouth producers but are less known abroad than some of the others. Building the company producing premium quality bulk wine they know put there name to there very own premium vermouth brand Padró & Co!
  • Range: Rojo Clásico, Dorado Amargo Suave, Blanco Reserva, Reserva Especial, Rojo Amargo
  • Producer: Padró i Familia
  • UK Distributor: Morgenrot
  • Retail Price: N/a
  • Origin: Bráfim (Tarragona, Spain)
  • ABV: 18%
  • Distinct Botanicals: Undisclosed
  • Wine Base: Macabeu
  • Sugar Content: Between 125g/l and 176g/l
  • Nose: Dry and somewhat woody.
  • Palette: Herbaceous and a semi dry/sweetness, slight lemons coming through
  • Finish: Gentian bitterness and sugar
  • Overall: An interesting concept, almost an Americano in style which is very interesting to see from Spain!
This is a very interesting concept more similar to an Rojo Americano, they say “Artemisia is the main herb which was originally used to make vermouth, however, there is another herb which is also often used: Gentian, which contains what is probably the bitterest substance to be found in the world: Amarogentin. We wanted to experiment a little with this herb, discover the pleasures of the bitter taste, by making a bold and seductive vermouth.”
Vermouth Padró & Co. Dorado Amargo Suave

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