Turmeon Honey

  • Range: Original, Bianco, Honey, Rose
  • Producer: Bodegas Jaime
  • UK Distributor: N/A
  • Retail Price: £22.99 (Estimation)
  • Origin: Zaragoza, Spain
  • ABV: 15%
  • Distinct Botanicals: Sweetened with 100% Rosemary Honey
  • Wine Base: Unknown at present
  • Sugar Content: No Added Sugar (Honey is used)
  • Nose: Tutti Fruity Sweets!
  • Palette: Vinous, Rosemary, Bay, Honey!
  • Finish: Drier than you’d expect,
  • Overall: A great product, very different to other honey vermouths I’ve tried and it’s not bitter at all, but the wine is very present. would make a great addition to cocktails or food pairings!

Our Company was founded back in 1846. A family winery dedicated mainly to the production of bulk wines. Since then, a valuable secret has passed over three generations. With a different name, the Turmeon´s recipe has remained impassible over the years until nowadays, when it has acquired a new format. Part of its peculiarity lays on the wine that is used for its production, this wine has been matured for more than 80 years in with the help of a Solera system of barrels (Pipas in Spanish). Every time that the Vermut is drunk, a little part of the original wine is being drunk at the same time. This vermouth pay homage to the first vermouth in history the “Hipocras” a drink with Honey, wine, wormwood and other herbs. On top of that, they have developed the first animated label in the world!

TURMEON Honey Animated Label



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