The Vermouth Ambassador

The Vermouth Ambassador

I’ve been very fortunate with my career to start with some great training from the likes of TGI Fridays and Mahiki. I had everything I needed to grow, I wasn’t lucky enough to have a mentor for years that could teach me anything, but being inquisitive, I’ve always found a way of learning what I wanted/needed. I quickly realised that if I wanted to know about something I’d have to find the information out myself, and this is something I’ve carried with me all my career. If I wanted to learn how to make foams, I’d buy a Foam Canister, and learn. I didn’t wait around for a bar/manager to teach me.

This mind set has lead me to wanted to learn about Vermouth- There has been no one to teach me about it and it’s something i’ve been interested in for a while. Hence I started The Vermouth Ambassador, this is to catalog my journey as I dive into the world of vermouth, it’s history, production, styles and my favourite cocktail.

This being said I have most for all fortified wine, Sherry, Port as some others, so don’t be surprised if you see some of those pop up over time!

Samuel David Boulton – The Vermouth Ambassador

Samuel David Boulton, The Vermouth Ambassador

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