On this week’s main podcast, we have good news and bad news. Samuel is opening his own bar, and I’m probably being made redundant. Redundancy sucks.

The Vanguard at 1000 Trades

The Vanguard will mix modern cocktails and mead, while not serving normal beers or wines at the venue. Guests will be able to order these at 1000 Trades below, but not in The Vanguard itself. Gosnell’s Meads will fill their place in the bar along with bespoke cocktails, the majority of which will be pre-batched for speed of service. The aim is to have drinks on the table within a minute of ordering,

The Vanguard is set in a second floor room with listed windows from the industrial revolution in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.



In the bad news category, my current job is coming to an end at the end of October. I’ll be working to spread the word about The Vanguard before it opens in the mean time but I’m also looking for opportunities. Let me know if you hear of anything!


On Tuesday 31st of October I accepted a new role that keeps me with Catalyst Brands – a big step up but I’m super excited – details to follow!

(That okay Shaun?)

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