I used to make The Godfather wrong. For years, I made it with Jack Daniels and topped it off with cola. How wrong I was.

At Christmas this year I decided to make myself a Godfather, but I only had Scotch to hand to mix with my Amaretto, so I used that, and didn’t top it with Coke like normal (I always knew the classic was without cola, but the norm in the UK at least is with the topping). It tasted fantastic. Even my partner Jo enjoyed it, the Amaretto was wonderful at masking the strength of the drink, just served on the rocks. I even went as far as to name it, the Glasgow Gangster (see what I did there?) just before looking online to see if there was already a name for a Scotch Godfather.

There was, and the name was The Godfather

I felt a little silly but it goes to show how easy it is to mis-learn a drink, so its always worth taking a look in the books and checking what you think you know!


Old Fashioned Glass

Godfather Recipe

  • 1½oz Scotch Whiskey
  • ¾oz Amaretto


Build with Ice & Stir


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