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The full, uncut Russell Davis from Bar Rescue interview.

Full Russell Davis Bar Rescue Interview

One of my favourite podcasts from last year was our two part interview with Russell Davis (@MrRussellDavis) who was kind enough to jump on Skype with me for a chat about all sorts of bar related goodness.

Russell Davis has just launched his own podcast with fellow Bar Rescue (@BarRescue) alumni Chef Brian Duffy (@ChefBriDuff) to talkcover170x170 about their new projects and their awesome stories called the Road Rash Podcast (@RoadRashPod) and you can find it in the iTunes store here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/road-rash-podcast/id1068285603?mt=2&i=358994839

I’ve edited the two parts together now so you can enjoy the full uninterrupted interview in one sitting, so even if you’ve seen it before, its well worth another watch!

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