Are you tired of the same old same old, “I don’t know where do you want to
go?” Check out these great date restaurants for inspiration.

First dates can be nerve-wracking. Figuring out what activities to do with your date can be more daunting than exciting. 

First impressions are important and how much fun your date has with you is very telling. Choosing the right place can say a lot about you as a person.

If you’re set on dinner plans, picking out date restaurants can be tricky. Read on to learn more about what restaurants make the best experiences for a first date.

Choosing the Right Atmosphere

It’s important to remember that every first date is different. Choosing the right activity can depend a lot on what you know about the other person. Sometimes, your first date with someone might mean they are a complete stranger to you.

It could also be a co-worker or someone you know through a friend of a friend. You and your date might even be long-time friends. In any case, knowing what your date likes and dislikes can be helpful in picking out a spot for dinner.

If you don’t know each other, you’ll want to pick a place where the lighting and noise level is suitable for conversation. Some restaurants feel more like bars, and talking to your date over everyone there is not very flattering.

Finding the Right Table

Find a table in a good area of the restaurant. Don’t settle for the back table next to the restroom where you will be interrupted.

If the bar lends itself for good conversation and waiting for a table takes too long, take the chance. Sometimes you’ll get a chatty bartender that can help keep the conversation going if you’re shy or running out of topics to talk about.

Choosing the Right Cuisine 

Most people tend to think of Italian or Mediterranean food as the most romantic cuisine. A great conversation starter between you and your date is finding out what type of food they like to eat.

With so many dietary restrictions out there, you’ll come off as considerate by asking for a little bit of information on their preferences.

You can also avoid unfortunate situations like finding out they’re allergic to shellfish at a sushi restaurant.

Other First Date Activities

If you’re not one for a traditional first date dinner, you can try other fun activities. 

Some people prefer experiences that make it easy to bond with a person rather than a conversational meal. You can try going out to a movie or dancing.

For a more adventurous date, choose an escape room as your activity. Your date will feel surprised and excited, removing any uncomfortable first date jitters that usually happen.

You can also combine these fun ideas with a romantic dinner where you’ll have lots to talk about.

First Date Restaurants

Picking out a first date restaurant or experience can be stressful. Narrowing down certain factors, like mood and cuisines, can make it much easier. 

If you’re looking to keep your date plans low key and opt for a stay at home dinner, check out our page for some drink recipes.

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