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älska cider


Available at Aldi in the UK, älska cider is a great tasting flavoured pear cider that offers real value. Check out the full podcast for our first taste of älska cider’s Nordic Fruits and Strawberry & Lime varieties. It’s the perfect easy drinking compliment to any summer BBQ or pool party!

The Art of the Service Bar

I go into a bit of detail about the differences between Service bar (or Dispense Bar) techniques vs regular guest service, how to set your bar up for success and how to manage the volumes of drinks you’ll be making while looking after up to 20 waiters’ drinks. If you have any questions or you’d like more clarification, leave me a voicemail message here.

Want your product featured?

If you have a product you’d like reviewed or featured on the podcast, or you have a press release about Spirts, Cocktails or anything else bar related, get in touch with the show here.

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