Flair bartenders and others have long mastered the joyful skill of knocking the cap off pressurised bottles with a bar blade in such a way that the top hits the ceiling with some force. Its also a great party trick when you use one bottle to open another in a house party with dramatic results. However, what should you do if you’re a skilled engineer with mad workshop skills rather than flair bartending? Completely over engineer and build one of the most awesome bottle opening robots of all time, that’s what.

Adam savage bottle opener

Adam Savage is one of the lead faces behind the classic Mythbusters TV show, and these days can be found on the Tested Youtube channel doing everything from building crappy and occasionally dangerous robots with Simone Geirtz to painting miniature astronauts.

It must be said, there is a satisfaction to popping the crown cap off a beer or tonic bottle with a loud crack. This just lets the normies join in with our fun!

Adam savage bottle opener

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