If one of the brands using a Tequila diffuser is your current favourite, the chances are you haven’t tasted the good stuff, as this video explains.

Tequila Diffuser

Diffuser Tequila is a recent creation of the big brands in order to help the bottom line profits. The downside is that the process also strips away much of the character of the tequila.

Column stills are often used which overly rectifys the spirit, as well as young, immature agave which massively affects sustainability. We’ll go more in depth in the diffusor process in a later article.

While many tequila producers keep their diffuser use quiet, Sauza is open about their use of the machines. They believe that the higher efficiency of the process extracting more of the sugars reduces waste and makes the process more sustainable. Sauza produces Tres Generacions which is featured in the above video. They detail their process here: Sauza Tequila Production

Sauza Tequila Diffuser
The Sauza Diffuser Tequila Production

Diffuser produces Tequila often has agave flavours added back into the liquid after distillation to replace those lost to the process. The main difference is that the raw agave is shredded for juice extraction before the juice is cooked. In the traditional methods, the agave piƱas are cooked before being crushed by the rolling rock that is so iconic to Tequila production.

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