How to Taste Spirits – with Bottega Vermouth

What is the right way to taste spirits? In this episode of the BartenderHQ Podcast, Sam and I are discussing spirits tasting (although with a vermouth!) having just both completed WSET courses. How to taste spirits can be quite personal, but WSET has a standardised framework that we are loosely basing this video on.

tasting spirits

How We Taste Spirits

We used Bottega Vermouth for a couple of reasons. First, I work with Bottega Gold Prosecco in my day to day job (full disclosure!), so I had access to it. Its not a widely available product here in the UK and as a result, neither Sam nor I had tasted it before. That way it gave us a great opportunity to taste something without preconceptions.

Of course, we do know that Vermouth is not technically a spirit, but the same principles apply to both. Join us as we go through the process of looking at colour & clarity, nose, flavours and length.

If you’d like to get deep into the Vermouth side of things, check out Sam’s Vermouth Flavour Wheel and the Vermouth Index here on BartenderHQ.

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