Podcast 9: Manchester Flair, 24 hour Aged Whiskey & Cocktail Masterclass

On the BartenderHQ Podcast this week: Manchester Flair Social: If you’re a flair bartender in Manchester, get in touch with Ryan Clayton via the Fresh Flair page on Facebook for full details, and share moves with bartenders from across the … Continued

Podcast Episode 7: Magic, Flair Competitions, Jugglers and Sour Apple Pie!

On this week’s BartenderHQ.com Podcast: Back in the Office …and Back to work – using Magic behind the bar. – Doc Eason Bar Magic Set, Review coming soon! Improve your Score in Flair Bartending Competition I go through some of … Continued

Podcast Episode 6: Cider Farms, Family Bars and Brands

On this week’s Bartender HQ Podcast Rich’s Farm Cider museum Free flair bartender kit from Bartender HQ.com. You’re welcome! Coming Soon: Home brew project – we discover hands on how beers, wines and cider are made by doing it ourselves! Family … Continued

Podcast Episode 5: Halloween Menus, Competition Flair and More!

Thanks for joining me for episode 5! In this week’s show: I talk about how to create a Halloween cocktail menu for your bar and the pros and cons of bespoke menus vs modified menus, (more here in my article … Continued

Episode 002, The first rule of Flair Club is you DO talk about Flair Club.

Episode 2 – We made it back for another week! On this week’s show: Featured Recipe: Spiced Syrup (One & Only the Palm recipe) West Midlands Flair Club Tips 4 Tips: Sweets update from Episode 1 and Sullivan’s nod. Ask David … Continued