Keeping a low footprint in what we do in our personal as well as our work lives on the planet is becoming more and more important, so how can we practice sustainable bartending and reduce our wastage and consumption?

In this episode of the BartenderHQ podcast, Samuel Boulton and David Eden-Sangwell discuss easy wins that you can implement in your bar to cut your impact. Specifically recently there has been video of the impact of using plastic straws on the environment and wildlife circulating on Facebook. The biggest problem being the time that it takes for these to break down in the environment once they’re disposed of.

Sustainable Bartending: Straws, Glass & Waste

We look at a handful of the other options, from paper to biodegradable plastics, and even more extreme options like using pasta as a straw replacement.

We’ll continue talking about some of the other options in future weeks including reduction of glass usage, using otherwise waste products like citrus peels from juicing and much more. So if you have any tips to share with the community, we’d love to hear them!

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