As you’ll know if you’ve followed the blog for a while – I’m a massive geek, not just about cocktails and drinks but also about Superheroes (Check out our Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanova drinks). So when I saw these Justice League Beers on GeekNationĀ I knew I needed to feature them!

Created by graphic designer Marcelo Rizzetto, you can find the full size images over on his Behance page.

With a Batman Dark Knight beer, Super Strength Superman beer, green St Patricks day beer for Green Lantern, Premium American Lager for Wonder Woman, Irish Red Ale for The Flash and a Blonde Belgian beer for Aquaman, there’s a nice range – I’d just love to see a Green Arrow beer in there too – my personal favourite!

There are some great in-jokes with the Robin beer being non-alcoholic and some nice plays on the names. Check them out!


Batman V Superman, the next DC movie release is scheduled for release on March 25th 2016.

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