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Welcome to BartenderHQ! Whether you’re an experienced bartender, just starting out behind bars or just looking for drinks to make for friends, we’re glad to have you!

This website will never be finished… New drinks are being created all the time and great bartenders around the world are pushing the boundaries forward every day, so we’ll try to keep you up to date with what’s going on in the world of bars!

How to use Bartender HQ.


I’m collecting the recipes for as many of the standard drinks that you can find in almost any (good) bar around the world, so this will become a resource for new bartenders learning their craft. The Podcast posts also include at least one recipe both in the audio of the show and in the show notes.

For those of you who aren’t so experienced, we’ve tried to link all of the drinks out to the information you’ll need on how to make them, how to prepare any sub recipes like lime and lemon juice or sugar syrups from the recipes directly, rather than cluttering each drinks page with information you may already know, but if you don’t, it’s right there! Check out our learning to mix guide for the real basics of making great cocktails, we’ll lay everything out so you can’t go wrong!

Notes on Measurements

Throughout this website we list our drinks using imperial measurements (oz) for ease – The United States is probably the most prolific market for cocktails (even though this site is primarily maintained from the UK!) and as such, we’ve used the most prominent measurement used there for the recipes on this site. Also its the measurement that my brain works in, from years of working at TGI Fridays!

If your country (or just your bar) uses metric measurements, its not a problem! 1oz is approximately equal to 3cl or 30ml, so its fairly simple to convert the drinks for your use, ½oz being 1.5cl/15ml, ¼oz  being 0.75cl/7.5ml.

As long as you use the same measurement system for all of your ingredients you’ll be fine. If you don’t have access to physical measures in either of these sizes, you could simply use something like a ramekin or egg cup to be a ‘unit’ and again, as long as you consistently use this measurement for every ingredient, you will get a drink that tastes right (although it may be bigger or smaller than you may expect!

Please leave any comments or requests below! 🙂

Get Involved.

For the experienced bartenders, you’ll be able to find new recipes (and we’d love you to submit your own, and include a picture of you with the drink, so you get your glory!), hints on increasing your tips and even beginning to flair or perform magic and really engage with your guests.

Advanced Bartending.

I’ll also share and discuss my thoughts on bartending for those with the basics in place already – aspects like Multi-Serving, Setting up your bar perfectly, free pouring and why everyone should do it, creating themed menus and getting that dream job.

If there’s more you want to see on the site, something we’ve forgotten or broken links, please tell us here – we want to make this the best possible place for everyone so help us to do better!

We’ve got big plans in the future to add to what we’re doing here and in other media, so watch this space!


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