Episode 04 of the Blog – Back out pounding the streets of Stoke – Only to find very little was open in the daytime that I needed to see, so back in the car and off to Stafford, my old University haunt (though the whole campus has now moved over to Stoke).


Stafford’s changed a lot – the new Riverside shopping complex looks great and is a nice addition. The downside however is that its pretty much killed the old Guildhall shopping centre – its a ghost town now. I’m not rigoutopposed to progress, if there’s a better place to shop, go there. Its tricky though for the smaller shops that have been around a while. Case in point – Rigout. I was shocked that the place was still there, its where I spent all my money in my uni days on FCUK and Lamberetta shirts for nights out. The same guy still runs it and recognised me so we had to get a selfie! Help support his local business by clicking here and giving him a Facebook Like 🙂 (also, buy things from him, I hear that helps too.)

Anyway, enjoy the Vlog, we have some Flair for you tomorrow!

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