Gagarin CocktailIt’s Space Season at BartenderHQ! On the show we’re talking about what Space Season is all about, why I love geeky space stuff so much and eventually, we even talk a little about cocktails – specifically the Gagarin Cocktail¬†made with Polugar Single Malt Rye.

Its a solo show this week, Sam and his Vermouth Ambassador stuff will be back on the next show, so send us over any questions or suggestions for what you’d like us to talk about.

Why I’m a Geeky Space Nerd

Kennedy Rocket Garden
Image Via

As a 10(ish) year old kit I visited Kennedy Space Centre in Florida and loved every second – I corrected the tour guide on the pronunciation of the Saturn V, should be Saturn 5 (although looking at the above image, its actually the Saturn 1B in the garden – I’m assuming they were talking about something else at the time!). I’ve loved space ever since and so this gives me a chance to geek out and indulge myself while also creating some drinks!

Space Season Show Links

Vintage Space on Youtube – Amy Shira Teitel – Awesome content on space history and how early spaceflight affects the world we live in today.

Scott Manley on YouTube 

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