The Southside Cocktail is a gin twist on the far more popular Mojito and is generally served straight up. Thought to originate from New York, and based on an older recipe from Chicago.

The Southside Cocktail actually makes more sense than the Mojito as the mint matches well with the Gin’s botanicals.


The Southside Cocktail is served straight up in a chilled Cocktail glass.

Southside Cocktail Ingredients

How to mix the Southside Cocktail

Add all ingredients to the shaker, fill with cubed ice and shake well. Double strain with a fine strainer into the glass and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint leaves.

With Gin making a strong resurgence today, the Southside Cocktail is also enjoying a renaissance. Gin’s complex flavours are perfectly complimented by the freshness of the mint, and the whole drink is the perfect base to experiment upon.

You can easily make the drink your own buy using a flavoured syrup instead of plain simple syrup or using different Gin styles such as Hendricks with its cucumber notes. Check out the video below from Charlotte Voisey.

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