David & Sam discuss what we’re up to this week at BartenderHQ and in the real world, as well as including some omissions from our podcast review episode last time. Many thanks to LeamWineRob (@Robpatchett09) on twitter for sharing Bartender at Large¬†and Speakeasy Radio, so we now have EVEN MORE BARTENDING GOODNESS to consume directly into our earholes each week!

The ever growing list of bar industry (and enthusiast) podcasts is a great indication of the passion around booze and its culture, so its great to know there’s even more out there than we knew!

We also touch on Sam’s projects on BartenderHQ now he’s joining the team beyond the podcast.

Vermouth Index

The Vermouth Index that Sam is creating is intended to be the most complete resource on the internet for all things vermouth. He’s putting together tasting notes, categorisation and more as we speak and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know when we’re ready to launch.

Vermouth is one of the most exciting categories in the industry, fitting perfectly into the lower alcohol serves that are gaining popularity as well as having incredible complexity of flavour.

Bartender Spotlight

Our Bartender Spotlight feature will showcase the best in bartending that we find, especially those making the most of the vermouth and fortified wine trend. Drop us a tweet at BartenderHQ if you’d like to feature a drink!

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