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My 10 Killer Cocktails eBook is a concise guide to some of the most popular drinks from my arsenal.

They’re not all drinks of my own creation, however many of them are tweaked recipes, the versions I have personally made behind the bar for years and have kept people coming back to the bar to see me personally.

There’s my take on the Espresso Martini, which on the first night of opening at one bar resulted in a tip big enough for me to go out and buy a flat screen TV, thats a tip from just one guest!

There are shooters in here, perfect for increasing your average bill when sold alongside the main drink, and higher checks mean bigger tips!

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Memorising Cocktails, The Easy Way



Memorising Cocktails The Easy Way will make your life easier at the bar, it will make your job more enjoyable, and even make you more money!

Have you ever blanked on the recipe for a drink behind the bar?

  • Do you get frustrated when guests order a drink you don’t know?
  • Have you ever had to slow your service to check the recipe, reducing your tips potential?
  • What if there was a way to commit to memory an entire recipe book, without spending weeks studying?
  • Do you want to be the most knowledgeable bartender in your bar?
  • With this system, you too can be Memorising Cocktails The Easy Way!

I created this system while competing with TGI Fridays in the national Bartender Challenge finals, where in front of three industry judges and hundreds of your peers and co-workers, you could be asked anything from the bartender manual.

Imagine yourself in my shoes, looking out at the other bartenders and with a Friday’s Master Bartender sat at the end of the bar to make sure my pours were perfectly accurate (and that I was pouring the right thing)!

Can you imagine?

The last thing I wanted was to forget a cocktail, or be in any way unsure while out in front of that crowd. That’s why this system was born. It’s not easy to keep that much information in your mind, which is why my system allows you to DRAMATICALLY REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION! Imagine only having to retain and recall just 10% of the normal information you’d need to know, and still be able to recall the whole book on demand! This is the system I have included in Memorising Cocktails The Easy Way.

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Memorise Cocktails Faster and More Efficiently

Memorising Cocktails The Easy Way lets you compress the information, discarding up to 90% while still being able to recall the drinks with 100% accuracy! Once we’ve compressed the information we talk about the best techniques to get the drinks in your head and stuck there, as well as getting them back out at speed and even how to make your bar more efficient for their production.

Hit a wall?

I’ve also included my contact details in Memorising Cocktails The Easy Way, so if there’s anything that you need clarification on, or you’d like to discuss speaking engagements, you can get in touch with me directly, or of course find me over at BartenderHQ.com

I hope that Memorising Cocktails The Easy Way is as useful to you as it has been to me.

David Sangwell


Memorising Cocktails The Easy Way


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