Scott Young from Restaurant, Bar & Nightclub Training

I’m so delighted to welcome to the podcast Scott Young from Restaurant, Bar & Nightclub Training. Scott Young’s Extreme Bartending was the series of videos that I learned the majority of my flair from in the early years around 2000-2002, and I probably wouldn’t still be in the industry without it.

Scott Young Restaurant Bar and Nightclub Training

Scott Young’s Restaurant, Bar and Nightclub Training

Scott’s latest project combines the experience of around 50 educators from the industry in a single “Netflix for Bar Training” type model, where a small monthly subscription gets you unlimited access to the full library.

There’s training for all jobs in the industry, from bar-back to bar manager, kitchen porter to head chef and bouncer to GM.

You can even get a no-risk, no credit card free trial, so give it a go. There’s no such thing as too much knowledge!

Scott Young Training

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