Sam went to Japan at the end of last year and into 2018, just before the opening of the Vanguard and while the builders did their thing. In this podcast we’re having a chat about a little of what he saw and experienced.

Once he’d established how the weather in Japan is, we moved onto actually talking about bars in a way you might care about, we promise.

A Few Hundred Pounds of Kobe Beef.

Sam ate stupidly expensive meat, and would do so again. He super enjoyed the experience itself and would take others next time to see their reactions.

Akashi Tai Sake Brewery, JapanAkashi Tai Japan

A visit to the Akashi Tai’s Sake brewery in Japan revealed not only non-alcoholic Sake but also that Sake in Japan just means alcohol – if you’re after the rice wine we’d expect, order Nihonshu. That said, if you’re from overseas and ask for sake, they’ll be pretty sure what you’re looking for is Nihonshu.

It turns out the grades of Sake are produced by different levels of milling and polishing of the rice that provides the starch and sugars for fermentation. Sam mentions how nuanced the whole category is so its something he’s really pushing to learn more about in the coming months.

Warming Sake Has Become a Thing.

Apparently the warmed Sake that we’re all familiar with was introduced as a way to hide poor quality exported products. Since then however, the producers have begun to produce Sake that is good quality and works chilled or warmed, so they’ve had to react to the market.

The Weird Stuff Is Here. The 3D Latte featuring Pokemon.

It had to happen – Sam’s Chai Lattes featuring Pikachu and Snorlax.

3D Latte Japan


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