The Salted Liquorice Sour embraces the current trend of using salt in cocktails to enhance and bring forward the other flavours in the drink.

Just as chefs use salt to highlight the other flavours in a dish, bartenders are discovering that the same technique is just as effective in cocktails.

While sweet balances sour in drinks, salt works well to balance out bitter and can allow the other flavours to shine. As Ulric Voelkel-Nijs, theBrand ambassador for Gold of Mauritius points out, in this drink the molasses take on the role of the bittering agent in this drink. Of course if you don’t have access to molasses you can substitute a herbal bitters such as Angostura.

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The Salted Liqourice Sour is served straight up in a stemmed goblet.

Salted Liquorice Sour Ingredients

How to mix a Salted Liquorice Sour

Shake all ingredients hard with ice and strain

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