• Range: English Dry, English Amber, English  Spiced 
  • Producer: Sacred GinSacred English Amber
  • UK Distributor: None
  • Retail Price: £32.95
  • Origin: Highgate, London
  • ABV: 21.8%
  • Distinct Botanicals: Orris, Orange Peel, Distilled Gentian Root – All botanicals are also Organic
  • Wine Base: English of wine from Three Choirs in Gloucestershire
  • Sugar Content: Unknown
  • Nose: Lemon Balm, Orange, Lemon Zest, Olives and Rosemary
  • Palette: Slightly sweet, lemon and thyme with strong Orange
  • Finish: Lovely Sweet Orange and Plum
    Overall:  Really enjoyed sipping on this, would work wonderfully in a long drink or just on ice. Very Orange heavy but found it to be a very well put together vermouth.

Scared started in 2008 by Ian Heart, All their products are made using a Rotavap. Known for being the only Gin used in the Dukes Hotel in London for many years. Made with Vesper Martinis in mind but great on it’s own or in replacement of a sweet wine.


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