Rory Eaton of the Cheval Blanc in Moseley, Birmingham is our first bartender on The Vermouth Ambassador’s Cocktail Showcase. These will showcase the best vermouth cocktails we come across and the bartenders who create them.

Over to Rory to tell us his story!rory eaton

Rory Eaton of the Cheval Blanc

I started my route into hospitality as a server, though a passion for cocktails was always inherent. I moved away from waiting and onto my first cocktail bar.

After leaving this position I ended up in Moseley; a vibrant and buzzing community with great nightlife, which only fuelled my passion for cocktails. Unusual spirits and small batch producers have always been an interest of mine and I’m always eager to expand my knowledge on such topics.

An aspiration of mine is to aid in making Birmingham known as a cocktail destination; something many other bars and bartenders are already, be it knowing or unknowingly, part of. Such places as The Edgbaston Boutique Hotel, Harborne Kitchen, 40 St Paul’s, to name a few.

Rory Eaton La Goulue AmbreRory Eaton’s Cocktail, La Goulue Ambre

  • ¾oz / 25ml Lillet Blanc
  • ¾oz / 25ml Daffy’s Gin
  • ¾oz / 25ml Asterley Bros Dispense Amaro
  • 1 dash Bittermans Burlesque bitters

The inspiration came from a new found love for the Negroni, a drink I once thought too bitter to fully appreciate. I ran a series of cocktails that embraced the Negroni, though with different takes, experimenting with a range of spirits and combinations.

With combining Lillet and Burlesque bitters the theme of the drink resides around the Moulin Rouge. La Goulue was the queen of the Moulin Rouge and this drink is an ode to her.

Where to drink La Goulue Ambre

You can find La Goulue Ambre on the menu at the Cheval Blanc in Moseley where Rory will be behind the bar and happy to share his story with you!

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