The Roadhouse Bartender Challenge is a multi-round bartending competition designed to test the abilities of participants over the three core disciplines of bartending in Mixology, Speed and Flair!

The competition made its debut season in 2018 and it has been a roaring success, with bartenders from EBS London, Be At One, TGI Fridays, The London Cocktail Club and of course the world famous Roadhouse battling out to see who is the best in the business in their field.

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About the rounds:

Mixology – The first round of the day is the “Mixo” round, where bartenders get 5 minutes to make two drinks, one of their own creation and one using two random ingredients from their mystery bag. Bartenders are also tasked with presenting their drinks to the audience and judges on the stage using a microphone. The mystery bag element always throws out plenty of fun and games!

Speed – The second round of the day is the speed round, where bartenders go head to head on the Roadhouse main bar to see who can make 5 predetermined cocktails in the fastest time. 

Flair – The final round of the evening is the flair round, where bartenders get 4 minutes to make one drink, whilst putting on the best flair show that they can.

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Why we love the Roadhouse Bartender Challenge:

The Roadhouse Bartender Challenge is all about having fun whilst celebrating our passion for what we do! Having said that, the rules are designed so that the best bartender will win, with some of the world’s most experienced judges making the call. 

Bartenders may enter as many or as few rounds as they like, meaning that it is not important for participants to be experienced in every category. Although if a bartender chooses to enter all three rounds then they will become eligible to win the grand prize and be declared the overall champion!

This competition has been amazing at uniting a community of bartenders and engaging people in friendly competition on a stage that may have been previously inaccessible to them.

Speaking of the “fun” element, every competition has a theme! Previous themes include the 30th anniversary of the film ‘Cocktail’, Old school Garage and the upcoming ‘Classic Movie’ theme!

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Roadhouse Bartender Challenge Testimonials:

Steve Parsons – organiser: “I wanted to create something that truly captures the passion we all have for the job”

Oliver Deak – Hungarian Champion: “I have entered every Roadhouse Bartender Challenge and it is always great fun! It’s not about the money or the position, it’s about sharing the experience with friends.”

Matt Cotta – TGI Fridays: “I’ve never had as much fun on the stage in my life!”

We sincerely hope to see you at our next event!

Steve Parsons – organiser

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