Rinquinquin a la peche

  • Range: Absentroux, Gentiane de Lure, RinQuinQuin, Orange Columbo, Noix St Jean
  • Producer: Distillery et Domaines de ProvenceRinQuinQuin A La Peche
  • UK Distributor: Emporia Brands
  • Retail Price: £19.54
  • Origin: Forcalquier, Provence, France
  • ABV: 15%
  • Distinct Botanicals: Cardinale, Coronet, Junegold Peach’s & Peach Leafs
  • Wine Base: Lubéron White
  • Sugar Content: 90g per litre
  • Nose: Obviously Peach! Violet, Lavender, Leafy
  • Palette: Sweet fresh peaches, leafy tea, cranberry
  • Finish: Dryness and peach and quality wine
    Overall: The King of Peaches! A fantastic expression of the flavour, this wine truly trumps all other peach ingredients on the market. I have  never been a fan of peach until trying this, I’ve been converted! Great one it’s own or with Tonic but cocktails are where this excels!

Pronouced “Ran-Can-Can” the name Provençal means an invigorating drink (from the verb requincilhar: strengthening). This was frequently the way that one’s aperitif or digestive were named. This aperitif, as surprising as it is delicate, comes from a family recipe refined by Distilleries et Domaines de Provence to give it the colours and flavours of Provence.

RinQuinQuin à la Pêche is made using three different types of peach – Cardinale, Coronet and Junegold. Mixed with the leaves from the peach trees, harvests just before autumn. The leaves and peaches are all macerated separately in alcohol and white wine. Afterwards, the solids over are distilled and added to the liquid.

RinQuinQuin a la peche

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