Today, a special treat (probably) for you! My dad’s been digging through the archives and found my competition winning routine from 2006 at TGI Fridays Sutton Coldfield, so please enjoy some Retro TGI Flair!

I would have been 24 here (so young!) ¬†and had been with Friday’s for 3 years, and I made the national finals for both Best Bartender and Individual flair. Best bartender includes technical testing, such as pour accuracy, compulsory flair, recipe, food and liquor trivia tests, followed by an 8 minute service of three judges. The video below is my Individual flair routine from the regional (semi) finals.

I’d not even intended to enter the flair, but I auditioned in the morning between technical rounds (as I was there anyway!) and made the top 5 so was in for the night. This explains the surprise on my face at the end when I was announced as the winner!

Anyway, enjoy, and I’d love to see any of your old school bartending clips too!

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