On this week’s Podcast – I begin #ProjectHero, I talk about what’s next for me work wise as well as my trip to the Roadhouse for Chicks with Flicks in Covent Garden London.

Industry News

The Spirits Business’ Top 10 Spirit launches of September 2018

  • Proper No.12 Whiskey from Conor McGregor
  • Aerstone Single Malts from William Grant & Sons
  • Fever Tree Citrus Tonic (for Tequila & Mezcal)
  • Bacardi Ginger
  • Allt-A-Bhainne Single Malt from Pernod Ricard and Chivas Brothers
  • Bertoux California Pot Still Brandy
  • Jameson Cold Brew
  • FEW American Blended Whiskey
  • Douglas fir Flavoured Vodka from Moorland Spirit Company’s Explorer Editions.
  • Chimes English Extra Dry Vermouth

The Main Course – Chicks & Flicks

Chicks and Flicks is the Roadhouse’s all female flair competition. I attended and the standard was incredibly high. There is no difference in the skill level of the best ladies in flair compared to the guys, we just need more women encouraged to learn the art. Incredible show from all the competitors. You can find clips on our instagram over at @BartenderHQPics

Chicks with Flicks


Project Hero sees me aiming to hit the gym every day for the next 100 days without missing a day. Inspired by Zack Prohaska of YouFlair, who is currently going from 400 days to 500 days without a day off. His transformation has been phenomenal, and if you’re interested in flair you have to check out his channel.

Project Hero

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