Cucumber in recent years has become a favourite flavour in drinks, with the Cucumber Martini being considered a modern classic. The Prairie Cucumber Collins takes this to a new, long and refreshing level!Prairie Cucumber Collins

Cucumber is a really difficult flavour to capture without getting it all directly from fresh cucumber. Making a good distillate or syrup is hard because heating cucumber destroys the freshness in the flavour and just becomes vegetal. Prairie Cucumber Vodka nails this and has a super fresh cucumber flavour perfect for summer drinks.

The Prairie range is born out of sheer love for the fields and the ecosystem they support. The craftsmen who produce it own the land, the distillery and the respect of all around them. They go as far as leaving the fields unplanted for three years before seeding. This is to make sure the soil is completely free of pesticides. They also plant buffer crops to protect the land from future contamination.

The stills are fuelled by waste biomass and the bottles are made from recycled glass. The distillery has been in the same family for five generations and the skill involved in the production of this vodka is clear from the first sip. Prairie is made with respect from seed to glass.

How to make a Prairie Cucumber Collins Cocktail

Garnish with a strip of cucumber and a sprig of fresh mint leaves.

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Cucumber Collins

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