When you think of Russia, what drink comes to mind? Vodka, I’ll bet, but what if I told you that back in the days of Chekhov, Ivan the Terrible and Dostoevsky had never heard of the stuff, what would you say? Polugar is the grand daddy of Vodka, and in this episode we’re getting into the guts of what Polugar is and why you should try it.


On the show we’re tasting Polugar:

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Single Malt Rye
  • No1 Wheat & Rye
  • No2 Garlic & Pepper
  • No3 Carraway
  • No4 Honey &¬†Allspice

You can find the full tasting notes here http://www.rusvin.ru/media/Polugar.pdf

Rollercoaster Restaurant

Last week I visited Alton Towers and ate at the brand new Rollercoaster Restaurant where your food is delivered by a miniature rollercoaster system that brings your food and drinks directly to the table.

Check out our full review here.

Booze and Bazinga

Booze and Bazinga is my new weekly show where we take a look into the world of comics and geek culture with Samuel Boulton and myself. Geeks drinking damn fine cocktails is the tag line and that sums it up nicely! Check out the site for our movie reviews, geeky tv news and trailers too!

Booze and Bazinga

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