Okay, I know. I talk about Monkey Shoulder a lot on here. Its because I think Monkey Shoulder is great. I got a bottle for Christmas from my partner and a lovely engraved whisky glass to drink it out of from my then 6 month old son (which I think Jo may have had a hand in too, if she’s completely honest!). I was drinking it at Jo’s sister’s wedding (she also incidentally has a blog over at DogBehaviourHQ.Wordpress.com, you can probably see I helped name it, but check it out if you have a dog, she’s awesome!) with my Dad. I really like Monkey Shoulder.

I was invited to help with judging their Ultimate Bartender Challenge┬ábut sadly we Monkey-Shoulder-Monkeyscouldn’t make the dates work (next time Monkey Shoulder, next time…) so I was delighted when they invited me down to their Monkey Shoulder Social Club Aerodynamic party this week in London.

The Monkey Shoulder Social Club

The Aerodynamic party was born from their Am-Badass-ador Grant Neave going skydiving and then building a whole party based on that concept. Guests were issued with flight suits at the door, and then passed through a cloud tunnel, walking through clouds so dense you could barely see the person in front of you, to simulate the experience of ferruling through clouds but without getting into a plane. That would obviously get in the way of the drinking and up the budget of the event considerably.

Competition Winners

Monkey Shoulder BartenderHQ Twitter

We ran a competition over on Twitter to win tickets for the event too, and I was lucky enough to meet our winners on the night – they had a great time and if you want the chance to win in our future competitions, or even just want to chat, follow @BartenderHQ on Twitter.


I’d just like to thank the guys at Monkey Shoulder for their hospitality – Grant, you’re a legend, Tiffany, (my contact with ┬áthe brand) Thanks for the invite – you guys put on a great event and I can’t wait for the next one!



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