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Swally Shirts

CDVZXkzVIAAFYhX.jpg-largeSwally Shirts is a Glasgow-based t-shirt design company specialising in whisky and other drink-related t-shirts. The designs are fun and simple, giving fans of good quality drinks a way of showing their love of their favourite tipple.
We currently have whisky and beer designs but there are many more in the pipeline covering all kinds of drinks. Our latest design, Dark Side of the Malt, is a Pink Floyd-themed play on their classic album cover and is available to preorder now.


Tastemade is an all digital network of food and drink content from around the world with short form restaurant reviews, content on craft cocktails and tips you can use at home.
Their Local Flight show follows a mixology bartender, Shawn Thomas as he visits cities around the US and challenges local bartenders to create cocktails using locally made ingredients.
You can see Tastemade content on Apple TV, or via their Tastemade & Tastemade City Guide apps, and at Tastemade.com

Avengers Age of Ultron Cocktails

Captain America Old Fashioned

While there are literally hundreds of cocktails online themed after comic book characters, we’re taking a different approach to celebrate the release of Avengers Age of Ultron. Instead of colour matching drinks, we’re looking at the character of each Avenger and choosing, modifying and creating cocktails that they would enjoy. Based on their tastes and values, this is far closer to the way a real bartender approaches creating cocktails for real guests, and I hope you enjoy them!
Avengers Age of Ultron Drinks

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