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We finally have our hands on the new Bacardi bottles, and they’re great! We put them through their paces with a little flair, take a look at the changes and how they might affect you behind the bar, and how to order the new Bacardi bottles from your supplier if you want them behind your bar.

Bacardi Carta Blanca – New Bacardi Bottles

The new shape Bacardi bottles are a little taller, about 10mm or a half inch taller than the previous generation of bottles. The sides are almost completely flat, getting rid of the old tapered base, and adding a concave bottom to the bottle like that of a wine bottle.

The Bacardi Superior name is gone outside of the US, replaced by Bacardi Carta Blanca with the rest of the line following suit with Bacardi Carta Negra, Bacardi Carta Oro and Bacardi Carta Fuego. These names better show the heritage of Bacardi and its Cuban background.

Need to get your hands on the new Bacardi bottle? Bacardi Carta Negra is available right now on Amazon.

Drinking Overseas

Having just spent a week over in Benidorm, I discuss some of the differences between British & US drinking culture compared to Spain, as well as sharing some of the best places to drink in Benidorm if you’re after a good cocktail.

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