Q&A: Cutting off your guest and Bartender perception

Vano from Bartender Journey asked about techniques used for managing guests who have had too much.
Some Key points:
  • Restaurants/Bars with a kitchen: Sell food – slows alcohol absorption rates.
  • Talk about preventing hangovers and give free waters with drinks – slows their drinking and WILL reduce the hangover!
  • Recruit their friends – Get them on your side and they’ll manage them out the door
  • Using security the right way – too often they try to be intimidating – at the club I work they’re more like hosts, take photos for guests etc but are there when you need them.

Why is Bartending seen as an entry level job in the UK?

Jo From Reflex

  • Comparatively low expectations of Guests.
  • Prioritisation of price over quality, so cheap drinks often win out over quality mixed drinks.
  • Low skill requirement for the production and serving of 90% of drinks.
How we can change it:
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