The Pegu Club Cocktail has a long and distinguished history, the signature drink of a club in Burma of the same name and is named for the Burmese river Pegu. The Pegu Club in Burma was situated just outside of Rangoon and was filled with businessmen, foreign dignitaries and high ranking military officers.

A true classic cocktail, it is served straight up and generally garnished with a lime twist, though some bartenders will use a grapefruit slice or twist as the bitters give the drink a distinctive flavour reminiscent of the fruit.


The Pegu Club is served straight up in a chilled cocktail glass.

Pegu Club Ingredients

How to mix a Pegu Club

Shake with crushed ice and double strain into the chilled cocktail glass, garnishing with a twist of lime.

Like many classic drinks, the Pegu Club is a great place to start if your looking to create something unique – by basing a new drink on these proportions of ingredients you will be able to create your own modern classic.

Today’s best cocktails are often twists on old school drinks, so why not try this with rhubarb bitters or a homemade shrub. Sometimes, you don’t need to throw everything at a drink to make it wonderful.

As David Wondrich said on a recent BartenderJourney podcast, the history of the Pegu Club Cocktail makes drinking it even more rewarding. Picturing those who drank it in the past tasting the same tastes can really connect you with history. You should definitely check out the podcast, and if you can get to Tales of the Cocktail to meet both of the guys in person!

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