Are you looking to host a dinner party for all of your friends? If so, check out this guide to learn how to throw a grown up dinner party.

Looking to host a dinner party but aren’t sure where to start? Creating a memorable evening takes forethought and planning. Read on to learn more about how to throw a memorable dinner party that your guests won’t soon forget.

Start the Cocktails Early

There’s a reason events often host a cocktail hour first. Take a tip from the pros and make sure to bring out the beverages before your dinner begins. This can be a great opportunity for your guests to get to know one another. 

Put Thought Into Who You’ll Invite

It may seem convenient to invite all your work friends over at once but resist the urge. The best dinner parties are a mix of interesting people from different backgrounds.

Focus on creating a guest list that pulls from a variety of sources. You’ll be sure to create a fun group with lots to talk about.

Plan Your Menu

Great dinner parties come in many shapes and sizes, but they all center around great food. If you’re inviting your friends are family over, you’ll want to ensure that you have great food. Even more important? Ensuring that you have enough of it.

You’ll want your guests to feel at ease and keep the meal cohesive, so avoid asking your friends to bring a dish. If you aren’t a budding chef, you may want to ask for some professional help. Throwing a party in the sunshine state? Give our friends at Healthy Gourmet Miami a call.

Avoid Dinner Party Disaster

Before planning your dinner menu, be sure to check in with your guests about food allergies. You’ll want to ensure that you don’t serve any dishes that contain allergens that could potentially spell disaster for your guests. Common allergens include ingredients like shellfish, peanuts, or walnuts.

Are You Ready for Guests?

Making sure that you’re ready to host means more than one thing. This means taking the time to clean your house before guests arrive and pulling out the nice dishware.

Having dinner ready on time is one of the most crucial elements of a great dinner party. You’ll want to ensure that you aren’t in the kitchen cooking when guests arrive. 

Instead, plan ahead and keep hot dishes warm in the oven. You’ll want to make sure you’ll be in your nice clothes and ready to receive guests when they arrive.

Extra Credit

Want to really wow your guests? Plan to pair wines with the dishes you serve. This may be time-consuming, however, there are many great resources available online that can help you create a beautiful pairing. Not going the wine route? That’s ok too. Be sure to keep sparkling water in your fridge in the event that some of your guests don’t plan on drinking.

If you know that some of your guests are likely to drink a lot, you may want to recommend they use a ride share service. This information can be included in your invite. Oh, and ice, don’t forget to grab some extra ice.

Get Ready for Guests

Now that you know how to throw a dinner party, what are you waiting for? Make a list of friends and get ready to start enjoying life like a grown-up. Want more tips on hosting? Be sure to check out the rest of our content for more inspiration!

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