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The Dirty Barbados Cocktail – The Real McCoy Rum

The Dirty Barbados Cocktail, created by Chef James Wayman of the Oyster Club, Mystic, CT is an amazing twist on the classic Daiquiri with The Real McCoy 5 year old [ … ]

Alexander Cocktail
3 Bulldog Cocktail Recipes

While researching the Bulldog cocktail for this article I came across three very different recipes, so we’ll talk about them all. Lets start with what I was looking for, the [ … ]

El Presidente Feature
Sazerac Cocktail

The Sazerac is a variant of the Old Fashioned cocktail which originated in New Orleans. In essence an Old Fashioned with an absinthe rinsed glass and no ice, it has [ … ]

Cassini Death Dive Cocktail
Dark Matter Storm
Prairie Cucumber Collins Cocktail Recipe

Cucumber in recent years has become a favourite flavour in drinks, with the Cucumber Martini being considered a modern classic. The Prairie Cucumber Collins takes this to a new, long [ … ]

Larios Rose Cocktail
Retro Cover Songs
BartenderHQ Podcast 2.0 is here – What to expect!

BartenderHQ Podcast 2.0 Coming Soon: BartenderHQ Masters Series Sam Boulton is currently working on our Masters Series podcasts where he’ll deep dive into lesser known drinks, the nitty gritty of [ … ]

vanguard is open
Scott Young from Restaurant, Bar & Nightclub Training

I’m so delighted to welcome to the podcast Scott Young from Restaurant, Bar & Nightclub Training. Scott Young’s Extreme Bartending was the series of videos that I learned the majority [ … ]

Rob Patchett
New Year
Happy Christmas from the BartenderHQ Podcast – Drinks Trends 2017-18

Happy Christmas! You’ve made it! On today’s show we’re back with me, David Eden-Sangwell and Samuel Boulton, the Vermouth Ambassador to talk drinks trends. The Vanguard Bar, Birmingham We start [ … ]

David Eden Sangwell
Chris Tunstall Mixology Talk
The Vanguard Drinks Menu Development – Part One

Creating a menu for a bar is a lot of work, but luckily Samuel and I are both pretty experienced with it. Drinks menu Development involves a lot of testing, [ … ]

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