• Range: Rosso, Dry, BiancoOscar 697 Rosso
  • Producer: La Canellese
  • UK Distributor: Indie Brands
  • Retail Price: £21.69
  • Origin: Milan, Italy
  • ABV: 16%
  • Distinct Botanicals: Absinthe, Rhubarb and Licorice
  • Wine Base: Unknown at present
  • Sugar Content: 14%
  • Nose: Rhubarb, Orange, Nutmeg, liquorice
  • Palette: Super well balanced! A lovely mix of wormwood, rhubarb, liquorice and orange zest notes!
  • Finish: Finishes pretty quickly but leaves liquorice and bay
    Overall: This vermouth is in a class of it’s own! My bottle is over 2 years old (I look after them very well) and yet it’s still better than some vermouth I have freshly open! Well done Oscar.697 Bravo ! This bottle is worth buy, I’d happily pay a lot more for this than the RPP!

OSCAR 697 Rosso is a unique brand focused on modernising a traditional Italian product. Four professionals, from four diverse fields came together and realised an idea. Under the direction of Stefano Di Dio, Oscar Quagliarini fine tuned the exclusive recipe N°697 used by Oreste Sconfienza to produce the Vermouth 697, which David Caon enveloped in the OSCAR.697 branding. The unique and exclusive recipe n°697 respects the Vermouth production guidelines set by the Italian authorities.

Oscar 697 Rosso is a contemporary brand of vermouth, which looks to modernise the traditional Italian drink while still respecting its history and legacy. The Oscar.697 Rosso Vermouth features a dry flavour profile (thanks to the relatively lower sugar content 14%), with hints of absinthe, rhubarb and liquorice giving it plenty of character. Sleekly and stylishly presented, Oscar.697 lets the vermouth talk for itself.



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