• Range: Absentroux, Gentiane de Lure, RinQuinQuin, Orange Colombo, Noix St JeanOrange Columbo
  • Producer: Distillery et Domaines de Provence
  • UK Distributor: Emporia Brands
  • Retail Price: £17.65
  • Origin: Forcalquier, Provence, France
  • ABV: 15%
  • Distinct Botanicals: Sweet and Bitter Oranges, Quinquina
  • Wine Base: Lubéron Rosé
  • Sugar Content: 110g per litre
  • Nose: Orange, Orange, Orange! Notes of Lavender & Peach hidden in the background
  • Palette: Sweet zesty orange, notes of peach and chamomile in the back ground and a slight red fruitiness!
  • Finish: Lovely sweet orange and lavender
    Overall: Another truly great expression of the fruit, this isn’t overly sweet. Simply and yet complex in an elegant way. Great Value for money, would make a great sprits!

A amazing orange aperitif from Distilleries et Domaines de Provence in the Provence region of France. Orange Colombo is the popular descendant of hippocras (sweetened wine in which cinnamon and cloves were infused). A well balanced blend of orange and rosé wine, but be warned this is strong! A few mils and you taste it!

 orange colombo


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