The Central Flair Series is launching our online flair competition today!

The problem with normal flair competitions is that you have to actually be there to compete, so we’re creating an online flair competition so that EVERY flair bartender in the world has the opportunity to enter!

All you need is a video camera, smartphone, webcam, WHATEVER! As long as you can capture your routine on video and upload it to BartenderHQ, you’ll be entered!

How To Enter The World Online Flair CompetitionCentral Flair Series Online

All you need to do to enter is film your routine and upload it to us – we’ll provide all the details of the best way to do that over the next couple of days, along with tips on making your routine as good as possible and making your video look great! We’ll add how to vote to your videos and they’ll all go live on YouTube together on Monday April 4th 2016 so that the world can see your routine and choose their champions!

We’re Making Legends

The idea of this competition is to get flair bartending in front of as many eyes as possible, to make more people aware of the skills we have as bartenders and showcase the passion we have for the art and sport of flair bartending. At a local flair competition, you’ll find between 5-20 bartenders generally. With this competition, we want HUNDREDS of bartenders involved!

So What Are The Rules?

Okay, we’re keeping it as simple as possible, so all we’re asking is that you:

  • Make your video up to 3 minutes in length.
  • Make at least one drink (you can make more if you wish).
  • Use only glass bottles in your routine (i.e. no plastic practice bottles please).
  • Don’t use dry bottles – how much is in them is up to you, so exhibition, working flair, its all good.
  • Your video must be a single continuous shot, so you can’t just cut out any drops you might have.

That’s it! There are no restrictions on what liquor brands you can use in your video, what drink you should make or anything else. You can film your routine as many times as you like and submit the best one, that’s fine. Use music in the background if you like, just understand that if you use copyrighted tracks your video may be blocked in some countries and there’s nothing we can do about that.

Here’s how to submit your video when its ready.

How Do I Win?

The whole point of this competition is to share flair bartending with as many people as possible, so the competition will be judged on a public vote, so the video with the most likes and comments on YouTube will win! We’ll ignore dislikes, so no point going around the videos of your competitors and hitting that button, that won’t help you! We want to keep everything positive 🙂

That means its in your best interests as soon as those videos go live to share your routine on your social media accounts and ask your friends to do the same – the more eyes you can get your routine in front of the better chance you will have to be our champion!

The closing date for submissions is Midnight GMT on Thursday 31st March 2016, so you have until the end of the month to shoot 3 mins of video. How easy is that?

Central Flair Series OnlineWhat Do I Win?

The winner will get their hands on a branded Bacardi Bar kit which we’ll ship anywhere worldwide, with a bar caddy, muddler, hawthorne strainer, elbow press and anything else we can get our hands on. We’ll also include your choice of BartenderHQ branded practice shirts from our store, and finally we’ll interview the winner on the BartenderHQ Podcast and put together a feature article on the champion on the main website.

In addition, bartenders who are entering our live competitions will also benefit from league points, so let us know when you enter if you’ll be at any of our competitions so that your points can be calculated too!

What if I’m Not The Best Flair Bartender?

We want everyone to be able to enter the competition so even if you’re newer to flair bartending you can still do well in the competition if you’re good at promoting your video! There’s also nothing to say it has to be just one bartender in the video, so if you think people will like your video with bartenders flairing in tandem, or if you have friends you want to lip sync battle in the background, go for it! You don’t have to shoot your video behind the bar either – you can take your flair to the streets or a Skate Park, or anywhere else if you think it would make your video stand out!

Remember, this competition is all about creating a routine and video to get people sharing and liking your video, so let your imagination run wild!

What To Do Now?

Get your routine together and get filming! We’ll share some tips over the next few days on making the best of your video and full details of how to get them to us here at BartenderHQ!

One last thing… make sure your camera is LANDSCAPE! The only thing that will make us not feature your video is if its vertical! See the following PSA for details!

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