• Range: Absentroux, Gentiane de Lure, RinQuinQuin, Orange Colombo, Noix Saint JeanNoix St Jean
  • Producer: Distillery et Domaines de Provence
  • UK Distributor: Emporia Brands
  • Retail Price: £17.65
  • Origin: Forcalquier, Provence, France
  • ABV: 15%
  • Distinct Botanicals: Dauphine Green Walnuts, Cinnamon, Cloves, Peppers, Nutmeg
  • Wine Base: Lubéron red
  • Sugar Content: 120g per litre
  • Nose: Dry Red Wine, Nuts, Red Berries
  • Palette: Off Sweet Red Wine, Walnuts, Red Berries
  • Finish: Semi Sweet, very much like a Tawny Port with a rich sweet nuttiness
    Overall: Outstanding value again from DDP, I’ve become a huge fan. Perfect replacement for Port in any situation, I liked it neat with a mature cheddar. The nutty flavour mixes well with Cheese or Cinnamon

A green walnut-infused Red Wine based aperitif from Distilleries et Domaines de Provence. It pairs rather well with strong cheeses – so perhaps this could be used as a digestif as well.

The walnut tree: (Juglans Regia) In Provençal tradition, the walnut tree is a tree highly valued for its various uses. Its fruit, oil and wood are sought after and it provides several medicinal remedies. Among others, the sap drawn from this green bark is excellent for calming throat inflammation and is very effective for calming hysterical vapour.

Noix Saint Jean owes its name to the very ingredient that makes it unique: the best Dauphine green walnuts, gathered at optimum maturity, on the Saint Jean (Saint Jean’s Day).

Noix Saint Jean


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