NIO Cocktails (Needs Only Ice) are a cocktail delivery service that brings craft cocktails directly to, and indeed through your door.

2020 has been a very strange year for the hospitality industry, as well as of course, pretty much every other industry on the planet.

We’ve not been able to got to bars in the way we used to and socialise in the normal way. One thing that has become clear however is that consumers do value good cocktails.

Many cocktail bars have been running successful delivery or take out cocktail programs, while pubs that simply sell beer have struggled to compete with the same beer being sold by supermarkets. But if you don’t have a local cocktail bar to support, or they’re only offering their own signature recipes and you fancy classics, NIO is a brilliant option.

NIO Cocktails

NIO Cocktails are packaged in slim CD case sized cardboard sleeves that contain a pouch of 100ml of cocktail goodness. Shake, tear off the corner and pour over some ice. You’re good to go. They need only ice.

Our three drink pack that was sent to us for review contained a Daiquiri, Boulevardier and a Tommy’s Margarita, but the NIO Cocktails website offers a wide range of flavours, all created and balanced by head mixologist Patrick Pistolesi in Italy. Get yours at

Full disclosure – the cocktails were provided free to me for review purposes but no payment was made to publish the review.

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